How do I accept payments via my website?

There are lots of ways to accept payments online.  Currently, doesn’t support SSL certificates for it’s websites*, which means that we don’t encrypt the traffic coming into and out of your website so any payment forms need to either be on a third party service (ex. Paypal) or exist as SSL secured iFrames.

Paypal is one of the most popular, and it allows you to accept both Paypal credits as well as any credit cards. We recommend that service.
You can generate Paypal embed codes with Paypal Buttons. Log into Paypal and go here.  here:
You can accept Bitcoin with embed codes from Coinbase Commerce. Log in and go here.
You can also link out to any third party donation service such as GoFundMe.
* Setting up SSL is technically possible but time consuming to set up and expensive to maintain. If SSL is essential for your affiliate, we can set it up for around $100 fee. Contact us if this is a requirement.