How do I move my existing website to is as WordPress multisite, which means that all sites on this platform are WordPress sites with a limited set of themes and plugins that you, as a subsite admin, can configure however you like.

Managing Expectations

Different sites and services allow us to automatically import different types and amounts of content into

If your current website is built with WordPress, it’ll be easy for us to import your page, post, menu, media (pictures/files) and comment into an If you’re using the All-in-One Event Calendar by¬†plugin¬†for events, then we’ll also be able to import your events.

We will not be able to import your plugins or themes, which means that some functionality and design elements will not be able to be migrated. That said, it’s possible for us to add themes and plugins to the system so feel free to post plugins and themes you’d like us to include in the system to the Community Support Forum.

Create an Export

If you’re site is in one of the following formats, we can automate the migration of some (maybe all) of your content:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Blogroll
  • LiveJournal
  • Moveable Type and TypePag
  • RSS
  • Tumblr

If you’re using a different service, google “service’s name to WordPress’ (ex. “Wix to WordPress”).

Instructions for:

Find useful instructions? Post them to our Community Support Forum!

Okay so now you have to create an importable file. If you’re using WordPress here’s how. If you’re using one of the systems above, or a system that can output RSS (which is very likely) then Search to find how to create an export.

Perform the Import

Now that you have an exported file, follow these instructions to import it into your website. If you don’t have an admin account yet, fill out this form