How do I build a nice website?

Once you’ve become familiar with the basic functionality of WordPress, the next step is to start building a site for your affiliate.

Websites are easy to change and update, so our general recommendation is to get something simple up FAST and then improve on it over time.

Here are a few ideas for how to do that:

  • Most affiliate serve similar purposes, so don’t be afraid to copy and pages and menus of other affiliate sites. Common pages for your menu include: (1) News, (2) Events, (3) About, (4) Join, (5) Contact.
  • If you’re more comfortable using a Word processor to write content, do that. Use Google Docs and you can collaborate with other people in your chapter on site content. Then, when your content is ready, simply copy/paste it into WordPress. The formatting should transfer automatically and you’ll be ready to go.
  • Good websites have nice pictures, and lots of them! So collect a bunch of pictures from your community, the internet, etc and put them all in a shared folder using Google Drive or Dropbox. Then pick a few of your favorites for your website. But keep adding photos to the folder – you’ll be happy you did when you’re looking for more posts and pages to publish.
  • Embedding HTML code is easy with WordPress via the text editor.  That means you can embed Mailchimp forms, Facebook and Twitter Widgets, YouTube videos and Google Forms in your sites pages and in it’s sidebar and footer widgets. Give it a try!